Do you compose music as a soloist or in a group and are you looking for the most autonomous and independent way possible to disseminate it?

That's what is for!


Music Park is first and foremost an association by and for music creators. Its main objectives are on the one hand, not to create a company where its owners, (who are mostly not musicians), grow fat on the backs of the artists, but to unite music creators in order to create a physical distribution network on the French territory while bringing a diffusion by internet. (unity is strength). On the other hand, the association proposes to the artist members to accompany them, to help them, to bring them the means and knowledge to be as autonomous and independent as possible with regard to the laws on copyright, the system (SACEM, ADAMI, SPEDIDAM, etc...) and with regard to the diffusion sites which impose their way of working on the artists by their dominant position of intermediary.

To open an "Artist" account you can go to this page to find out more or you can go directly to this page to open an account directly.