You find that the royalties on copyright and related rights claimed by SACEM are exorbitant and you are looking for musical works for your public space that are not subject to these royalties?

That's what music-park.org is for!


The music-park.org website is a website of the Music Park association, one of the objectives of which is to create a music distribution network by bringing together music creators who offer their works under certain conditions. These conditions make it possible to propose to managers of public spaces (shops, restaurants, associative places, etc...) to be able to broadcast these works in a commercial framework or not without them being obliged to pay the royalties claimed by SACEM. These works are works created by artists who are not members of a copyright management organisation such as SACEM (which is a private copyright management company that manages the rights of its members). On the other hand, the works offered have not been registered for commercial purposes and are therefore not subject to the law on neighbouring rights which obliges a user of works registered for commercial purposes to pay a royalty on neighbouring rights which is collected by SACEM for its subsidiary SPRE (in charge of managing and distributing neighbouring rights to third parties such as ADAMI and SPEDIDAM).

To open a "Broadcaster" account you can go to this page to find out more or you can go directly to this page to open an account.